Mature Linden Tree Is Dropping Branches And Lots Of Twigs When There Is Are Strong Winds

Question From: Panama, Nebraska, United States
Q: About 5 years ago, we moved to an older established neighborhood with a massive Linden tree. When there are very strong winds, there are lots of small twigs scattered under the tree. Some of these twigs are up to 12" long. This has been going on since we moved here. There were also a lot of large dead branches which I had cut out last year. What is going on with this stately tree?

A: It's Mother Natures way of pruning. You may be experiencing excessively high winds. Also, if the tree has never been pruned it has accumulated lots small branches that will come down in high winds. I would get an onsite inspection from a professional - a certified arborist. To find one in your area go to Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy