Mature Trees Died And Were Planted With Metal Cages Around Root Ball

Question From: L. Ives - Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Q: I purchased two very nice mature trees, about 8' to 10' tall, and they both died after 4-5 years. (They were not purchased from your business.) I cut them down and dig up the stump where I noted the balls had been encased in heavy metal fencing. That didn't go well with my chain saw. I noted the stumps/roots appeared very disfigured and I wonder if this heavy metal fencing interfered with the roots spreading. Do you have any idea? Thank you. Leon Ives Sent from my iPhone

A: First, is an information service not a nursery - we don't sell plants, trees, or products. It was your job to remove the cages before planting and yes that might have been a factor in the tree's death. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy