Monet Weigela Leaves Have Small Holes In Middle And Burning Around Edges

Question From: NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, New York, United States
Q: I have a newly planted (this spring) Monet Weigela. It bloomed nicely but now I noticed that on some of the leaves there are small holes in the middle of the leaf with a deep burgundy around them -- I also notice "burning" around the edges of these leaves. Is this a parasite of some sort or from the heat? what to do?

A: Nancy, I have the same plant and it too tends to get sunburned when the temperatures rise. If you can give it some protection from the hot afternoon sun it will do better. The holes in the leaves are another issue. Could be slugs - they come at night or possibly Japanese beetles. They seem to be random feeding this year. For slugs choose an Iron Phosphate product such as Sluggo. I hand pick the Japanese beetles. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.