Mother Earth News Discount Gift Subscription

Question From: Canton, Michigan, United States
Q: Hi, In your column on Friday, Nov. 2l, 2014 - Magazines offer sunny inspiration in winter - I went to MOTHER EARTH NEWS: $12.00/6 ISSUES. (800) 234-3368 . I called the company and they did not have any type of offer as cited in your column. They did have a break if you wanted a 2-year subscription other than that nothing. I would like to have the trial of the 6 issues so my daughter-in-law could enjoy it as she is into the Green and has done some of that gardening. Could there have been a mistake with the price for the 6 issues? I would appreciate it if you could clear this up or some other alternative.

A: Prices could vary from day to day. I called to verify the price when I wrote the column a couple of weeks ago. When I just visited their website the same price offer of $12/6 issues was available so I suggest you visit the website directly instead of calling.  Often, it's helpful to search Google for 'discount' or 'coupon' codes for things one might buy ... in this case a search for 'Mother Earth discount coupon' turns up the same and other special offers. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy