Mountain Ash Bloomed In Spring But Flowers Died And Leaves Are Drying Up

Question From: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Q: hallo my ash tree is blooming in the spring but then flowers are dying and not producing red fruits and top of the branches leaves are drying and dying . that happening for 3 years in a row . pls help tree is beautiful maybe 15 years old. thank you

A: Mountain ash are shallow rooted trees that are troubled by warm fall temperatures and drought. When it does not rain for a couple of weeks it needs watering. I would take photos to your local nursery for garden center for more advice. However, do make sure the tree is well watered late in the fall, if your area is short on rain. PS it is not wise to wait three years to correct a problem with a tree. The tree weakens over time and its life span is shortened. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy