Mountain Ash Leaves Have Fallen Off And Sap Is Coming Out Of Trunk Near Branches After Not Being Watered For Some Time

Question From: D. Boese - Wittmann, Arizona, United States
Q: Nancy....we live in Wittmann, AZ which is slightly NW of Phoenix. We have a Mountain Ash that was planted in our back yard about 8+ years ago. It has irrigation going to it, but this last year something went wrong with our irrigation and my husband didn't fit it right away and it didn't get water for quite a while, could have been weeks for all I know. The leaves all fell off and we have quite a bit of sap coming out of the tree right around where the branches come out from the trunk. Please let me know what we need to do to save it. It now has water going to it, but it isn't looking good. I am afraid we will lose it if we don't do something.

A: I recommend you get an onsite inspection from a professional. To find one in your area go to and enter you zip code, Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy