Mountain Ash Trees Have Small Holes And Brown Sawdust On Trunk

Question From: J. Birkinshaw - Bilsby, England, United Kingdom
Q: Hi nancy I had three six year old mountain ash trees but last year I noticed brown sawdust type stuff on the trunk. When feeling at the trunk it was soft in the middle so we felled it and as we started to saw it up a big fat white grub appeared from the soft part. We immediately checked the other two and applied more abrex to anything that we thought these things could enter. I have just found a small hole and on one of the other last two trees and part of the trunk has been eaten away again. Please can you help.

A: I recommend you enlist the services of a professional. They have the products and techniques to address the issues. Your trees may have more than one issue. Mountain ash trees are vulnerable to disease as well as insects. I understand that parts of England suffered drought this summer. Lack of moisture can weaken a tree making it vulnerable. An accurate diagnosis is key to saving the trees. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy