Mountain Laurel Leaves Turning Brown

Question From: E. Thomas - GEORGIA
Q: Mountain laurel question-- I've got two potted mountain laurels, mostly shade, in Atlanta GA. One is doing great--tons of new light green growth, even this late in the season. The other though--about 2 feet away--is trying to die! It's leaves are turning brown, from the very tips in. It doesn't look like the leaf spot photos (leaves die from, the tips in) but eventually both new and old growth dies... The stem then starts to brown. It looks like leaf scorch... Except it's about as non-winter now as you can get. I've pruned off all the browned branches and leaves, but I'm worried about losing the plant (or infecting the other, if it's a disease). Ideas for what's happening to them?? Thanks!


You need to get the advice of a certified arborist - a tree doctor - who will do an onsite inspection. Could be several problems including lack of water. Here's the website to find on in your area: . Good Luck, Best nancy.