Mountain Laurel Struggling With Leaf Spot Or Leaf Blight

Question From: NEW JERSEY
Q: My mountain laurel either has serious leaf spot or leaf blight. The only fungicide I was able to find is “ Bonide Liquid Copper Fungicide Ready to Use”. The product does not specifically state that it works on mountain laurels. Can I use this product on both sides of the leaves of my mountain laurel. I just sprayed the leaves on one branch of the mountain laurel to observe if the product helps. My mountain laurel has been struggling for years, but I did have wonderful blooms last year.

A: It's against the law to use a pesticide on a plant for which it's not listed so I cannot advise you. But I would call the 800 number on. the package. You might also contact your county cooperative extension helpline affiliated with Rutgers University. Thanks for visiting Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy