Mums Do Not Last Long After Planting

Question From: El Dorado, Arkansas, United States
Q: Did my previous question about Dogwoods blow your mind? I have 2 planting boxes in my front yard. 1 is in the full sun, the other is around a tree. When I filled them with dirt, I used 2 bags of potting soil to 1 bag of cow manure. Most plants seem to do alright, however mums seem to last little more than I week, no matter how big they are when bought or where I get them. I have tried them with some type of root stimulant, and w/out. Plenty of water. Any suggestions? Thanks.

A: Richard, Mums are cool weather plants so heat will do them in. Also, best to buy them when they are in bud and just starting to show color. Water the container soil the day before planting. Soak the pots in water before planting. I set mine in plastic storage boxes for a couple of hours. Check the soil the next day after planting to be sure the soil has not settled below the level of the root ball. Do not let the soil dry out. That's my best shot guy. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.