Native And Near Native Spring Bulbs Planting Selection

Question From: J. Armil - MICHIGAN
Q: My front and back yard beds will be entirely ripped out and relandscaped in early May, going all native and near-native, and not including any spring bulbs. As my few crocuses, daffodils and hyacinth have come up (they're very scattered, not in any arrangement, and some are within the footprint of perennials), I asked the landscaper what I should do with them and some nuisance bulbs I know will be coming up soon, too. Answer: "I would leave the bulbs and wait to see how things mesh together. You can take out any that you don't like, and add in extra bulbs (after). Let's see how everything looks. We will not turn over all of the soil, just the immediate planting areas." I wonder what you would advise I do. I like the daffodils; the others I can part with.

A: I agree with your landscaper. Be sure to take pictures throughout the season, so you know where to plant the bulbs in fall. Happy Yardening