New Guinea Impatien Are Getting Fewer And Smaller Blossoms And Leaves Are Turning Grey

Question From: P. Delaney - Fort Blackmore, Virginia, United States
Q: My New Guinea Impatiens were vigorous and healthy looking with many blossoms all summer. They're planted in large flower boxes; some in plastic containers; some in clay containers. I generally had sun umbrellas over them during hottest part of brutally hot day with 95 to 100+ heat. I have an Eastern exposure with sun until 2pm. I watered them 2..sometimes 3X a day on those brutal days (normally, 1X a day if they begin to feel dry. I gave them a liquid fertilizer about every 2 weeks, a quarter capful in 1 liter water. They were looking fabulous for 3 months. Then I started to see a grey type discoloration on the leaves and maybe fewer and smaller blossoms. (I also had moved more sickly impatiens near them in pots). Could they have 1) become contaminated from the sickly looking impatiens 2) had too much water 3)too little water (occasionally they would become too dry). I usually watered at night about 8 or 9pm. I am careful not to get the leaves or blossoms wet but my husband isn't and he sometimes helps me.

A: To much water is probably the issue. Heavy potting soils such as Miracle Gro moisture holding brand make the situation worse. Best Nancy