New Guinea Impatiens Have Wilted And Stems Are Rubbery

Question From: R. Reidt - Alton, Illinois, United States
Q: I have 2 separate pots of New Guinea Impatience, both red and pink ones were potted separately using Miracle Gro GARDEN SOIL-NOT POTTING SOIL and peat moss mix. Both red and pink did well and then the large pink ones wilted terribly and the stems seem "rubbery" now and almost no blooms at all The pink ones have a real dark green leaf and the red ones have a much lighter green leaf. I think the pink ones got to much direct morning sun (actually, thats a guess on my part, as the pink ones were in an area that got more morning sun) ...the red ones did not get as much sun and are doing great even right now!. I fertilized both a little with Miracle Gro fertilizer approx 10 days ago...I may have used a slightly stronger MG mix on the pink ones if I remember. What can I do to fix the issue with the pink impatiens. Those rubbery and somewhat limp stems puzzle me. I usually have a good green thumb with my plants. Please help me and thank you

A: Sounds like a bacterial or viral disease. Your soil mix may be holding too much water. Do not keep fertilizing. Take a sample to your local garden center or nursery, preferably one that grows these plants for a more accurate Id. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy