New Guinea Impatiens Is Dying From The Bottom Upwards And Has White Granular Substance

Question From: R. Dulal - West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Q: I recently bought a New Guniea Impatiens and it has started dying from bottom upwards. The plant was blossoming when I bought it. I do not over-water the plant but it still has developed a fungus in the pot. A white granular substance is formed even if I use fungicides. My plant is very close to dying, please assist me.

A: New Guinea Impatiens are prone to fungal diseases. Cool wet weather is prime time for them become diseased. Sounds like yours is on it's last legs. The white granular substance is perlite. It's added to the potting soil to improve drainage. Fertilizing a sick plant will only make it worse. If you have not had it long, it may have had the disease when you bought it. You might consider returning it. Sorry for your loss. Best Nancy