New Leaves Of Geraniums Are Pale

Question From: c. white - Topeka, Kansas, United States
Q: new leaves on zonal geranium cuttings, old plants, seedlings, new plants, transplanted plants...all of the new leaves are coming out white or very pale pale pale green, not a diseases, don't know if it is heat or wrong fertilizer, no fertilizer on seedlings just a potting soil called "UltiMATE" BUT the old plants I have had for years are also sending out all new leaves as white, must be over fertilizaing or heat,

A: Because all of your geraniums are exhibiting the same symptom I think it's the heat. The leaves are not making chlorophyll and in the heat they may not be able to get moisture needed to do the job. Too much fertilizer would give you lush green plants. Excessive salts in chemical fertilizers might cause leaf burn. Best Nancy

Comment: Very grateful. Sounds right and especially nice you knew the symptoms of all three suspected problem caussers