New Rose Bushes Seem To Be Covered With Wax And Leaves Are Turning Yellow

Question From: CALIFORNIA
Q: Bought new rose bushes this year and planted they were doing great and then in March I noticed what looked to be wax on the ends of stems of the plant. Odd, never saw this before. Plus I noticed the new growth was different from the growth that was already started on the plant. Today I noticed the wax stuff is all over the stem and the leaves are yellowish and dying to me. Started cutting off all the dying stem and removing the tops of the stems because of they look like they are dying. WHAT IS THIS?

A: I can't help you with this one as I garden in Michigan, the other side of the world. I suggest you take pictures to your local independent garden center or nursery that sells roses. It is not unusual for inexpensive roses that are sold bare root to be waxed when put into cold storage. It keeps them from dehydrating. It may have nothing to do with the problem. Lack of water may be an issue. Or fertilizer burn. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy