Newsletter Stopped And Will Yardener Ever Ask For A Credit Card

Question From: T. Curry - Severna Park, Maryland, United States
Q: I have not been receiving your monthly newsletter even though I go to re-register and am told my account already exists. Can you set me up to receive the letter again? Also - when browsing around, at one point, to confirm my account, I was asked to provide credit card information. I presume that was a phishing attempt and not you. Correct?

A: Hello!  I have set you up to receive the newsletters again (you may have received one in recent days) - it looks like you'd clicked the 'unsubscribe' link a couple of times in the past several months and that caused the problem.  You are right, that was probably a phishing attempt, Yardener will never ask for a credit card as we don't sell anything, but we do have a donation button that could take you to PayPal to make a donation to Yardener so that's also possibly what happened (you can find this link under the "Want To Help Us?" menu item.
Happy Yardening!