One Crepe Myrtle Is Not Growing While Another Is Thriving

Question From: S. McLellan - Fairfield, California, United States
Q: A year ago (Aug 2017) I planted two young crape Myrtles, Tuscarora. There’s about 10 feet between them. They started out well, then a few weeks ago I realized one was growing talk and the other one appears to have stopped growing. The taller one is blooming well. The shorter one is not, and also over the past few months the smaller ones leaves started turning a brown color. The leaves still look healthy however. A friend of mine told me she believes the huge pine tree near the smaller tree might be the reason. She has heard that the pine tree and needles is too acidic for crape Myrtle. Can you give me advice on this. I’m really disappointed to see this little one. It appears dwarfed. Thanks so much.

A: The pine tree may be the problem, but competition for moisture and nutrients may be the issue. It may also be shading it's neighbor. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy