One Hibiscus Plant Has Stopped Producing Buds

Question From: Utica, Michigan, United States
Q: I bought two annual hibiscus plants this Spring. At first they were both loaded with buds and blooms. I transplanted both plants into large clay pots and used fresh Miracle Grow potting soil. I also feed with granular Miracle Grow in my watering can every other week. One of the plants has completely stopped producing buds and blooming. The other continues to bud and bloom fabulously. There are no yellow leaves or signs of insect holes on the leaves of either plant. Both get the same sun exposure and have full, deep green foliage. I tried using Daconil Fungicide with no improvement. Any suggestions?

A: One of the plants - the one that is not blooming may have been hit with an excesss of plant growth regulators. Excessive nitrogen will also retard blooming. I'd cut back on the Miracle Gro. Spraying a plant with a fungicide that does not have a fungus is not helpful. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy