One Tulip Tree Has Brown Spots On Some Leaves And Another Seems Too Heavy With Growth

Question From: Elk Grove, California, United States
Q: Hi we have 2 large tulip trees in our front yard. One has a nice wide canopy and the other tree's limbs just droop (like they are too heavy) what causes this? Also the one with the nice canopy has developed large brown spots on some of the leaves. Most of the spots are on the west side of the tree. We just went through a heat wave of 110 for several days. Could these be burn spots from the sun or is it some sort of a disease. The other tree doesn't have any brown spots but the west side of it is partially shaded by the other tulip tree.

A: Susan, I am not a trained tree doctor. I recommend you have a certified arborist, a trained tree doctor, do an onsite inspection on your trees. Sounds like you may have several issues, including the need to prune in order to avoid severe storm damage, that could permanently deform or even kill the tree. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy