Oriental Pear Tree Leaves Have Red Spots That Turn Dark And Some Leaves Are Yellow

Question From: D. Carlisle - Kirksville, Missouri, United States
Q: I have a Oriental (Pyrus communis) Pear tree that has just been planted in our yard about 2 weeks ago. We are seeing red spots changing to darker spots and spread on the leaf. Have it on many leaves. Also, a few yellow leaves. We have watered it well a few times and I did mulch it keeping the mulch away from the truck about a foot all the way around. FYI, the tree is about 12-15 ft tall. We did plant it with some additional soil along with the ground soil. We live in NE Missouri and the soil is good, A little clay but not too bad. Our garden vegetables thrive okay so we thought having fruit trees would be nice. We have not pruned it yet because we are not sure about when it would be okay. With it being June, not sure about this time being the best. It does have many branches. I did see online that it is a good idea to 'spread the branches out'. Would you agree on this and say we should do this. I know I do have many questions. I appreciate your help too. Darlia

A: The spots are an issue - possibly a disease. Fruit trees are pruned after they bare fruit. Water regimen depends on your soil and the weather. That root ball needs to be kept moist - not sodden at all times. Take photos or sample of the leaves to your local nursery that sells these trees for a more accurate Id. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy