Ornamental Pear Limbs Are Growing Vertically Along The Trunk

Question From: T. King - Nashport, Ohio, United States
Q: All the limbs on the ornamental pear I planted in spring 2013 are growing vertically along side the trunk. The tree is in full sun from am til late afternoon. What the best way to prune and shape this tree?

A: The stick straight up branches are called water sprouts and should be pruned off in late winter or very early spring. Crossing branches should also be removed. Google pruning ornamental pear trees to find all kinds of tutorials and you tube videos. Sharpen your tools well before starting and step back to check your progress. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.

Q: In my original query I stated that ALL the branches were growing straight up the side of the trunk. Your response was that They should be removed. All of them? The pruning guides on Google did not address this either.

A: Your tree was probably grafted and the scion may have died, leaving the tree to sucker from the root stock. I suggest you take pictures to your local nursery or garden center ( not a big box) that sells fruit trees and ask for advice. A picture is worth a thousand words. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.