Overseeding Timing Preparation And Use Of Peat Moss

Question From: RHODE ISLAND
Q: I thatched last monday and vacuumed up all debris. I cut the grass very short. I want to plant Saturday. Is the thatch job done Monday still Ok for overseeding? Or do I have to reloosen soil. I plan on putting 1/4 "of peat moss on top of seed and then roll lightly to make contact with soil Is this sufficient? any other tips Appreciated.


Larry, as long as you have some loose soil on the surface you are good to go. I do not recommend Canadian Sphagnum peat moss. Michigan peat is not much better. If the Canadian peat dries out it is very hard to rehydrate. Compost is a better choice. Water the grass the night before and again after you spread the seed. Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy