Pachysandra Bed Is Losing Growth Overall

Question From: R. Gonzalez - Grafton, Wisconsin, United States
Q: Hello, Nancy. I have a wonderful pachysandra bed, but, after doing all that you have suggested, I still have some bare spots. This bed has been with us for about twenty years. I have over-all left it alone because it does not need much attention as I read. Should I fertilize lightly as mentioned? I have noticed that the bed is losing its overall dimensions starting with the back and moving forward. Now, do I stop this? I have Milorganite, should I sprinkle that? Please give me great advice. Thank you!

A: The Milorganite is fine. I suggest you use an organic mulch over the bare spots to keep weeds from sprouting. You might want to root some cutting and plant them in the bare areas. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy