Pear Tree Leaves Are Turning Yellow In Spring And Apple Tree Leaves Have Rust Colored Spots

Question From: G. Holderr - Nunnelly, Tennessee, United States
Q: our pear tree is turning yellow and looks like fall. But of course this is June 2nd. The leaves have green spots like they were green and this yellow and brown has taken over. Any ideas? Also my apple trees have rust looking spots on the leaves.

A: Your apple tree has a disease known as rust and the pear probably has some sort of insect sucking the juices from the leaves. So the apple tree needs to be treated with a fungicide and the pear - possibly an insecticide, but you need to identify the insect first. I recommend you have your trees inspected by a certified arborist. To find a professional in your area go to and insert your zip code in the search box. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy