Pear Tree Leaves Have Turned Black In Center And New Leaves Are Shriveled And Curled

Question From: Caldwell, Idaho, United States
Q: We just planted our pear tree this year that we bought from a local nursery here in Caldwell, ID. We prepared the ground as instructed. It seemed to be doing well, getting new leaves along the trunk and the ones at the top were green and healthy. But now, as of two days ago, most of the leaves have turned black in the center of the leaf with a green border. I see no signs of anything chewing on it. It almost looks like someone poured stain on it. The new little leaves on the trunk are shriveled and curled. We have had over 100 degree days for the last 4 days, does that have anything to do with it?
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A: I think your pear tree may have been fried. Pear trees are not cactus. Keep it well watered and hope for the best. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy