Peony Tree Is Turning Yellow Can It Be Moved

Question From: Anderson, South Carolina, United States
Q: ..My 2yr. old tree peony is turning yellow , I had plan to move it in the fall. It doesnt seem to like where it is now, but in the last few weeks it has begun to turn yellow a few days ago I fed it some iron today it really looks sick , can I move it now?

A: I would not move it when the daytime temperatures are running 90 plus. Growers recommend waiting until the plants are dormant. The plant is struggling to take up moisture as it is. Damage more of it's roots and it will be over. I would be sure to keep it well watered but don't drown it. Do not give it any more " chemical" treatments. Fertilizing will only stress it more. Mulch with three inches of good organic mulch, such as pine bark. Hopefully you planted it deep when transplanting. If it is in an exposed area protect it from wind and hot afternoon sun. In fall sprinkle some Plant Tone over the surface of the soil according to package directions. Good Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy.