Pesticides For Indoor Use

Question From: n. Herman - VERMONT
Q: Hi, Can you really use Captain Jack's Bug Brew indoors? I am an organic gardener and recently acquired a banana tree from a trip to Florida. Unfortunately, when I got home and used my loop to inspect this lovely black banana, it had thrips in the trunk. I've isolated the plant and want to spray it in my basement. I live in Vermont and it is fall and getting colder out and the plant may need more an one application. the garden center where I bought the plant was kind enough to send me the Brew- they use organic products and love this stuff, but I neglected to ask if I can use it indoors. What's your verdict? Thanks so much in advance.


It is listed for use indoors. Another very good pesticide is AzaMax. It's OMRI listed and can safely be used on edibles. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.