Phlox Are Wilting

Question From: Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States
Q: I'm very new to gardening but I do know that is must be something wrong with my Pholx Paniculata "Ditomdre" aka Coral Crème Drop. This started probably a week and a half after I planted them, went away and all was well, but then yesterday I noticed they weren't looking well. This is the worst of the 3 plants I have in my flower bed...the other two plants only have a leaf or two starting to look wilted. We have had abnormally high temps over the past 6 days but I've been sure to water the area. The other plants I have near these are thieving (salvia, allium, sedum, and bee balm)... please help! I would hate to lose them and of course don't want to hurt any of my other plants! I hope it's not too late to try to save them!

A: Your phlox probably has a fungal disease. Take a sample of the leaves to your local independent garden center for an accurate ID and product for control. Happy Yardening, Nancy