Phlox Fireball Plant Has Holes In Bottom Leaves

Question From: ALASKA
Q: My newly planted Phlox Fireball plants are full of holes in the bottom leaves, with the holes working upward. The top third of the leaves are ok so far. This just happened in the last couple nights. These are the only plants affected and they are spread out among many other plants. They have not flowered yet. I’m wondering about taking them out of the garden altogether before anything else is affected. I’m new to all this and only have the internet for help.

You have either caterpillars or adult bugs feasting on your plants. The pests on your plants may not eat others in your garden. Many pests are plant specific. Check the bottom of the leaves to see if you can find them. I'd take photos and leaf samples to the garden center or nursery where you purchased them. Not a big box store. Here's a website you should find helpful. Pests – Alaska Master Gardener Blog
Best Nancy