Phlox Plant Has Dark Green Leaves And Is Not Blooming

Question From: M. Wareham - MINNESOTA
Q: I have the same problem as Hoffman from Iowa. I have a phlox plant that is healthy looking with dark green leaves but they look more narrow and pointed and are spaced more closely on the stem. I will attach a picture. The plant has not bloomed in three years. Now I am seeing others around the yard that are exhibiting the same symptoms. One or two stems bloomed ( they have typical boom stems with more rounded leaf tips and normal stem spacing) but the rest of the clump is exhibiting the same appearance of darker green pointed leaves with closer spacing and did not set blooms. I keep thinking this is a virus but cannot find an clinical articles online. Help! One response from our MN Extension suggested they need more phosphorus or potassium.
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A: It does not look like a virus to me. I'd have my soil tested. Best Nancy and Happy Yardening.