Pine Tree Branch Tips Have Brownish Growth Like Tiny Pine Cones

Question From: Landers, California, United States
Q: I have 2 pine trees that were Christmas trees in the past. They are both over 20 yrs. old now. The tips of the branches have what looks to be brownish growth that looks almost like tiny pine cones. I have never seen these before on these same trees. I live in the Hi-Desert of California. Can you tell me what this is & let me know if I have any thing to worry about? We are in a drought here; but I have watered & fed them both. Thank you!!

A: Sarah, I do not diagnose trees. They are big investments and a mistaken diagnosis could cost you the tree. I always recommend folks get an on-site diagnosis from a certified arborist ASAP. To find a professional in your area go to Best Nancy and Thanks for visiting