Pine Tree Is Losing Cones And Thinning And Has Yellowish Cottony Fungus And Holes On Trunk

Question From: j. gray - Plano, Texas, United States
Q: I live in Plano and planted a 5ft pine in my yard 14yrs ago, it is as tall as the roofline. Last year it started loosing pinecones, a yellowish cotton looking, and fungus as well as holes are on the trunk, it is pale and thinning. I have had it looked at and they say spray it : without really knowing what the problem is. Advise please. Thank you.

A: I am not a trained arborist and I garden in Michigan, so I would not venture to advise you on this one. Take a cutting of the infected area to an independent nursery or garden center for first hand Id and advice. If you do seek another professional opinion onsite I recommend contacting a certified arborist through or Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy