Plant Heat Stress Recovery

Question From: OHIO
Q: We have purchased a home with a large, overgrown garden that sits between the lawn and woods. I have weeded, trimmed and mulched the bushes and perrenials. However, the bee balm seems to have gotten zapped by this summer's extreme heat. Any suggestions for helping it to recover?


Cut back the stems to basal growth and water to keep the soil moist. I use a potion I call my rescue remedy on plants that are stressed. In a gallon of water I add 1/4 tsp Super Thrive, an ounce of liquid kelp and an ounce of Karo syrup. The Super Thrive contains vitamins and hormones, the Liquid Kelp contains hormones and other good stuff and the Karo Syrup is carbohydrate the plants need to be storing now so they can rise again in spring. This is not a fertilizer. Use it as a soil drench. The soil should be moist prior to use. You can buy these ingredients at independent garden centers and hydroponic stores. Happy Yardening, Nancy