Planting Daffodils Amidst Lily Of The Valley And Keeping Flowers From Encroaching Into Lawn

Question From: Villanova, Pennsylvania, United States
Q: I have a beautiful solid area of lily of the valley. Can early spring bulbs (tulips, daffodils) grow through the lily of the valley bed? In addition, is a metal or heavy plastic border buried into the ground the best way to keep the lily of the valley area from encroaching into my lawn? thank you, Tobi Emanuel

A: Tobi, I would choose daffs for planting. They are tough as nails and come back year after year. Tulips are short lived or a single season plant. The only problem is cleaning up the daff foliage. You will be damaging the leaves of the lily of valley. Put down stepping stones. I would use commercial grade metal edging. Google it - I found several sources. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.