Plants Are Drooping After Spraying With Insecticide

Question From: J. Parks - Taylor, Michigan, United States
Q: I sprayed what was what I'm now thinking, expired Ortho rose and flower insect killer onto my plants. Hostas, irises, pansies, petunias and )= my dahlia's. The next morning the stems of the hosta flowers were kinda twisted the pansies and petunias kinda shriveled up with watering over the last week they look like they might be getting a little green again and the dahlia's completely drooped. But their stems are still green and strong not dying looking or dried out. The hosta leaves still seem fine I'm just curious if there is anything i can do? The photo attached is a few weeks before. I was proud of my garden ,now it looks kinda like fall is approaching )=

A: Keep it well watered and cut back the damaged leaves. Spraying the entire garden with an insecticide for which the product not labeled for is asking for trouble, especially during a heat wave. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy