Please Do Not Use Chemical Pesticides In Gardens

Question From: Montevallo, Alabama, United States
Q: I'm a Master Gardener so I may know a little more than you think. I've worked with the public for 30 years and what I've found is with a little education, people will care about what they are using in their yards and the harm it does. It sounds like you are burned out and really don't give a damn anymore. Also, I don't have any friends. After the nation wide high end jewelry store I worked for as office manager went bankrupt, I started taking care of my Mother full time. She has dementia, lung cancer, is bed ridden, and wears a diaper. For the first time, an aid came yesterday and gave her a bad bath. I have no "banded together friends", I have no time for friends. When I go out once or twice a month, it is to get medicine or food for my Mother. You sound very bitter. Maybe you have been in this business too long. Try walking in my shoes for a day and you will see how easy you got it.

A: I am sorry for your trials Gloria. If it were a perfect world no one would use chemicals. Sadly most folks do and we try to help them do so as responsibly as possible. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy