Potted Chrysanthemums Have Slugs

Question From: K. Marett - Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States
Q: Hi Nancy! We never had a slug problem here in the past 10 years, but last fall I bought some potted mums at the grocery store. I placed them in a couple of ceramic pots on my steps. The pots have drainage holes and have housed many various pre-potted plants over the years, in all seasons, but never did we have a slug problem until those mums last fall. Now I'm afraid to introduce potted mums again this fall. A little wary that it will draw or infest us with the slugs again. We live in SC which has rather mild winters, so we had a slug problem into January. Could they have come with the plants? Or do they simply travel to everyone's porch in rainy weather? Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

A: You may well have imported them with the plants. Any product that contains iron phosphate, such as Sluggo - Bayer and Bonide also packages it- will take care of the problem. The good news is it's pet and people safe. Sprinkle it on the surface of the soil and reapply every 10 days. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.