Potted Daphne Branches Are Spindly With No Leaves Except At Ends

Question From: P. Thurston - West Linn, Oregon, United States
Q: Another Daphne question!!! Nancy: We took a Daphne and put it in a big pot 3+ yrs. ago. The pot is at the top of a water feature but 4'-5' away with mixed sun and shade. It said "I am happy.....kinda." Flowers but not much frag. This year....nothing. Long spindly branches with no leaves except at the very end of branches. I miss this fragrant shrub that is great on a golf coarse. What say you??

A: Daphnes are touchy plants. They can thrive for years and then up and die for what seems like no reason. I think growing it in a pot is difficult at best. It's a right plant, right place in Michigan so I do not grow them and have no first hand experience. I'd talk to someone at an independent nursery who has experience with them.Google " Growing Daphne in a pot". Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.