Potted Dark Opal Basil Is Not Growing

Question From: B. Speeker - Meridian, Idaho, United States
Q: Hi, Nancy! I have a problem w/ basil. Specifically, four out of the five types we are growing all in the same soil are doing great, but the Dark Opal, while not unhealthy looking, is just sitting there in first-shoot limbo. My question would be: does the Dark Opal require a different care&feeding regimen i.e. light, soil, fertilizer, etc. than the other garden-variety types (sorry bout the pun) we are growing (Genovese, Large leaf, Sweet, etc)? This is outdoors, in pots btw. Thanx! Busta Speeker

A: Sounds like your opal basil is stunted. Basil is sensitive to temperatures and planting in cold soil will do it. I've seen begonias and impatiens planted in cold soil sit out an entire season at the same size they were when planted. If you purchased your plants from a big box that bring plants in early your opal basil may have caught a cold. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy