Potted Geranium Has Thread Thin Vine On It That Twines Around Plant

Question From: K. McC - Corona, California, United States
Q: I keep finding a thread thin tiny vine on my potted geranium. It doesn't even appear to have started in the dirt! Just twines around the stems and around the leaves. Some leave little 'vein like' patterns on the stems after being pulled off. It's like they just float down and land on a stem/leaf and start twining, choking! What could that be and how can I (permanently) get rid of it?? Thanks so very much.
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A: Kim, I think what you have is a type of Dodder, a parasitic plant that lives off of other plants. It is very difficult to get rid of, so take care not to let it spread. Google Dodder and you will find many websites where the pros tackle this invasive plant. Consider packaging it up in a garbage bag - I'd even double bag it, and sending it to a landfill. Fire is another option. Good Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy