Potted Geranium Leaves Have Holes And There Are Black Droppings On Soil Underneath

Question From: La Puente, California, United States
Q: We re-potted our pink geranium because it had holes in the leaves and appeared to be dying. Now after a month or so of being moved to another location and thriving and growing new blooms we noticed today that the leaves are being eaten again and it is starting to look spindly. This time we noticed that there is black "droppings" around the rim of the pot and the ground under the blooms. Help!

A: The droppings may be from some sort of caterpillar. Check under the leaves and do so at night also. Google caterpillars on geraniums in California for more information. I live in Michigan and we do not have the same pests. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy