Pottend Geraniums Get Buds That Seem To Dry Up And Not Bloom

Question From: Grafton, Wisconsin, United States
Q: one pot of about 3 geraniums purchased from the same store gets buds, but they seem to dry up , then no blooming. Is this a virus? Don't believe I'm over watering.

A: Too much humidity or water is usually the issue. Your potting soil may be holding too much water. Miracle Grow Moisture Control is one potting soil that holds too much moisture in cold wet weather. Stick your finger way down in the soil to check the moisture level before watering. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy

Comment: Thank You for the suggestion...I'm finding the new buds seem to be staying viable. I'm thinking the damage occurred from the grower and hopefully I can nurse the plants back to health! Thank You!