Princess Kate Honeysuckle Leaves Falling Off And Some Leaves Are Puckered On One Side

Question From: Cradley Heath, , United Kingdom
Q: Hi a Princess Kate Honeysuckle ive only had it a couple of months, its in a pot and im hoping it will grow over my Pergola. But for the last couple of weeks it has been losing leaves. Some of the leaves seem pulled in and puckered on the one side, but not all of them. There is no loss of colour to the dropped leaves, and no marks of any kind. I have sprayed for Aphids twice even thou i cant see any at all with Bug gun clear. Im wondering if i have over watered Would be very grateful for any advice. Thanks Jayne

A: Leaves usually turn yellow when plants are overwatered. Check the soil - best to keep it moist, not soggy. Any chance you were using an herbicide on the lawn and the drift hit this plant? Even a fine mist can damage shrubs. A hard stream of water will knock off aphids. That would be my best guess. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy