Products And Remedies For Slugs

Question From: Brighton, Michigan, United States
Q: Are there any new products or remedies for slugs on Hostas?

A: Iron phosphate, sold under the names of Escargo, Bonide Slug Magic and Bayer Slug Killer has been on the market for several years. It's safe, and effective when used according to package directions. It must be reapplied every couple of weeks. Slugs continue to hatch all summer so there is no silver bullet. Here's some info I found on the use of coffee. Never tried it, so don't know if it works. Good Luck, Nancy

2) Coffee. New research has found caffeine to be very effective at dispatching slugs. Save your dregs and spray them full strength directly on the beasts in the evening. Surround plants under attack with a mulch of used coffee grounds to deter slugs and feed the plants.