Products To Repel Deer And Rabbits

Question From: Canton, Michigan, United States
Q: I just read your article on using Plantskydd and wanted to mention that Meijer sells a very good rabbit/deer granular repellant as well. I purchased a large container beginning of Spring this year for about $20. I have been using it and have thus far successfully kept the neighborhood rabbits from eating my tiger lily buds and other flowering plants. Thank you for sharing the knee hi idea for hanging the repellant.

A: Carole, Can you give me a name for the product? Thanks, Nancy

Q: The product that I purchased at my local Meijer is Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellant Granular in a 5 lb. container.  Carole

A: Thanks for the heads up on these products. I know Liquid Fence works, it just doesn't hold up in the heavy rains I have been experiencing the past few years. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.