Proper Watering And Feeding For Chrysanthemums

Question From: J. SHERBY - NEW JERSEY
Q: I am trying to get a sense of what is proper watering , and feeding for mums. do I Miracle Grow heavy in the spring, When we are in grow mode? do I stop or keep going when the buds are ready to burst into color?? I truly want this project to be a success next year... It kinda flopped this year... I am upset. John : (


John, I am not a big fan of Miracle Gro. It's very high in salts and in hot dry weather it can burn the plants. Plants need an inch of water a week. Use a tuna can and measure the water depth after 20 minutes. Do the math. I fertilize my mums in spring with a slow release fertilizer such as Plant Tone. They were beautiful. If you feel the need to fertilize again do so when the buds are forming. I recommend you use a fish emulsion. Never fertilize when the plants are dry or the temperatures rise above 85 degrees. Best time to do this is at sun up. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.