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Question From: ILLINOIS
Q: What do you mean by "in the stems". This did not answer my question. My question is basically how deep I can plant the "trunk"? And can I bury the aerial roots? Thank you


Suzanne, this is not a tree so it does not have a trunk. I've talked to several folks who specialize in house plants and most suggest you use the technique called air layering to shorten the stem. Planting the stem or as you call it, the trunk, so deep in the soil, you risk having it rot. Google "how to air layer" for tips. You can plant the air roots if you wish. They will stabilize the plant. Most folks cut them off. Hope this helps. Happy Gardening, Nancy.

Q: I have a large split-leaf philodendron. I have removed some of the bottom leaves because they were damaged. Now I have a "trunk" (2 1/2 inch diameter and 8-10 inches from dirt to leaves) and areal roots coming down. I would like to know if I can plant this in soil up to the bottom leaves or do I need to keep the "trunk"? Thank you.


Piling up soil in the stems will cause them to rot. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.