Raised Garden Bed And Smoothies For Healthier Eating

Question From: C. Parker - MICHIGAN
Q: Hi, Nancy. Read you all the time and am a gardener - in my mind only - right now! However, after having come off chemo and living on disability pay only at this time, I want to eat healthier and fresher. Is there a raised garden bed/planter that you can recomment that is waist high but deep enough to grow beans, tomatoes and peppers - maybe even cabbage? I live in a senior community with a small patio out back and would love to grow my own veggies and herbs. I appreciate any help/info you can give me and I thank you in advance!


Carolyn, The Gardener's Supply company (gardener.com) has several models of "Stand Up" raised beds that would work for you. Smoothies are a great way to get lots of veggies and fruits into your diet. I drink one every day. My secret is to flavor the drink with 1/2 cup of pomegranite juice. I put a handful of kale in the blender and never know it's there. My best to you and good luck on your recovery. Nancy and Happy Yardening.