Recently Potted Impatiens Are Not Growing

Question From: E. Vallejo - Detroit, Michigan, United States
Q: I bought some impatiens which I haven't used in 3 or 4 years because of the fungus and planted them in a container. I used Miracle Grow potting soil but they are not doing well. They are in sun half of the day and I water them in the morning and in late afternoon which I did for years and was always successful but I never used Miracle Grow potting soil. I usually use Miracle Grow every two weeks on all my plants ground and pots. It has been almost 3 weeks since they have been potted and they are not doing much of anything and not barely flowering. Can I use Miracle Grow on them? Thank you!

A: Plants tend to go dormant in the heat. It is not wise to fertilize when the temperature rise above 85 degrees. Miracle Gro potting soil has wetting agents and fertilizer so you may be overdoing it. Use your finger or a moisture meter to test the moisture content of the soil., Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy